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Darkened Times

by Eternal Voyager

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Darkness has fallen over the land Mankind is broken, lost, and fallen To the plaguesof lies and deceit A curse on the world never seen Men have turned on each other Like wild animals Full of greed and lust for power Dominating our once great nations But out of the darkness now rise a Great army of truth and honor Led by a hero who has watched this World since it’s birth On the horizon the riders of doom Will bring woe onto those who seek To destroy the innocent We lay claim to the throne and Stand vigilant through these Darkened Times Rise now my Eternal Warriors Raise your swords with us ‘till the end Rise now my warriors
A fire burns inside of me The spirit of the metal dream Belief is gone and dead it seems But we’ll crush the posers fickle screams Born of fire, born of steel, Born for truth, our metal’s real Born for battle, born to be, Born to set the world free The time is near triumphant sound From east to western shores Your world is gone forevermore On the fields the warriors Assemble for the war Iron and steel metal to the core Now we have come back Waging a war on the world below Now we have come back To reclaim our throne Soon the hands of destiny Shall come to all and set us free We will be scorched repeatedly By the wheels of war eternally Redemption through fire and steel Redemption our metal’s real Redemption through fire and steel Redemption our metal’s real
I am the wind That blows in the night sky I am the blood That flows in your veins I am the storm That you fear in the dead of night I am the one That calls out your name I am the sword That you wield in your proud hand I am the one That shields you from pain I am the hammer That smashes the fear of time This is our battle But it’s not in vain Look up to the distant skis See the storm thats approaching Feel the spirit call from deep within This is our time, we shall not bow Stand alone, be strong, hold your head high Heed the call, you are not the same. Seek the truth That leads you through Darkened Times It’s calling your name Down from the mountain We ride to the wastelands We are a force That cannot be tamed We stand as one We cannot be beaten Armed with the truth Our storm is their bane
Thunder cracks With the mightiest sound We are bound for eternity Wars of the world They are dragging us down Gone beyond to infinity Winds Of Fire We are riding For eternity We’ll live forever Fire and ice Yet our steel is unbound Ride forever we’re born to be Smashing the world Heavy metal’s our sound Stand forever, we’ll always be Winds Of Fire We are riding For eternity We’ll live forever
Tyrants 07:09
Ride into the night Feel the cold wind in our eyes Time has come to decide What is wrong and what is right Fallen our heroes gone beyond Fallen from the kingdom one by one So rid the Tyrants Of Our Land Or down the kingdom falls by its own hand Destruction of mankind’s their plan So rid the Tyrants Of Our Land Fire, ashes coming down Empires burning to the ground Traitors of our destiny Seal our fate now for eternity Calling our winds to carry on Calling our glory has begun Our heroes gone beyond the realm Of our destiny the Tyrants try to Seal the fate of man Lies sold and fed to our children Gone is our will to see Salvation brought by The blood of the lamb The sickly hands of time moving Towards the path they lead It’s time to make our Choice against their plan World power control The lives of man It’s plain for all to see It’s time to raise the sword Once again Lies, they are our demise Your world leaders Their big surprise Mankind is what they despise They pull the world over our eyes Our will is true it must be strong Our will of steel shall carry on
We all stand alone In the perfectness of shadows Clutching our own fears Like a wolf amongst the sheep Feeling cold and grey They don't know your pain But they will I awake in restless sleep Feeling cold and weak Wondering if I’ll ever sleep again In that cold place in my mind The only peace I can find Is when I'm waiting for my Salvation I will have my salvation I can hear the silent cries Calling in the night Like wolves at my door They are what we are to be If we refuse to see What our world has become There's no wonder Why we cry in the night Our world's dying And we refuse to see Where will you be When the end has come my friend When your city’s are gone and burned Like fallen angels in the night We take wings of flight Wondering if we'll Ever see home again We don't look at what we are Can't we see we've gone too far Will we ever be free again This is our world's decay This is our time to realize What we have been What we are And what we will be You can take it all in stride Or you can decide Which path to take Heaven or hell
Their eyes so close So many times I’ve seen them The time is close The world is closing forever I feel it’s time So many souls are so evil Their fate will unfold I pray they’ll seek the redeemer But I’ve cried a million tears And I’ve dreamed a million dreams And I pray we’ll all ride home on the On The Wings Of The Cherubim We all have a choice Our will is given so freely We must make a stand Our fate is in our hands I can hear all their screams The worlds faith is dead it seems But I fight the warrior’s dream on the On The Wings Of The Cherubim The end it seems is not so far away The time is now it’s time to fight or fall So sick of it all We make so many excuses Our will can be strong The choice has been there all along No one can make you see No one can make you believe It’s your choice your final A road can be on the On The Wings Of The Cherubim
The Fallen 05:57
Trapped in a world Between darkness and light Not knowing which way Is it day or is it night On the horizon Lyes the dark war ahead Fallen are the children In the sea they sink like lead I am The Fallen You’ll call my name Out in the darkness You’ll feel my pain But raise up your head You’re not the same You are a warrior You are the brave Life has it’s seasons It’s your time will you fight Try to decide what is wrong And what is right If you had a reason Would you die for what you believe This war is of treason Its your mind that has been deceived Can you hear it It’s toll of the judgment bell Cold is their hearts This world’s gone straight to hell Let’s raise up our swords It will be death or victory Spread the word Sound your horn so gloriously
Can you hear the wolves calling your name Like a dark beakon A moth drawn to flame Fallen voices storm the lights bane Feel the wrath of anger You’ve gone insane Icy wind they claw your back Now you feel that times stands still Mortal fear you cry his name Dark is the path you have gone Out in the darkness We’ll carry on And the winds of tomorrow They’ll guide us home Back to the fortress Of the unknown You’re not alone You’re not alone Can you feel it as your life drains away Fallen warrior from the path you stray Time to take up the sword in my hand Take back your world Show them where you stand
There is a place in my mind A doorway to another world A dream space deep within my soul A land that no one knows It’s the Eye Of The Soul It is the center of my being Where all things I see are real Sometimes I don’t know what they are Is it dream or reality It’s the Eye Of The Soul Is the world slowly fading Into it’s last days Life seems to have lost its meaning And your world is so dark and grey Sometimes words loose there meaning When some words need saying Life moves on way too fast for me And so passes another day I try so hard to Find my way in the dark But I’m stumbling for the door Time to look back at What you couldn’t see before No more Is this dream Or reality Can’t you see It’s the Eye Of The Soul The Eye Of The Soul In my dreams I have seen Many things that disturb me What I see doesn’t seem real But I cant help what I feel Have not yet seen the other side But still I believe So far away yet so near I cannot explain the euphoria Now I’m running Through white passages The other side awaits I can see the gates


released June 27, 2023

Brian Blake - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Kurt Johnson - Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar, Synths
Micah Devereaux - Vocals, Snyths
Mike Durenberger - Drums

Guest Musician:
Marius Danielson - Vocals

All lyrics written by Brian Blake

Mixed and Produced by Marius Danielson and Kurt Johnson

Mastered by Marius Danielson

Album recorded in Minnesota, USA


all rights reserved



Eternal Voyager Minneapolis, Minnesota

Brian Blake and Kurt Johnson, both guitar players who are originally from northern Minnesota, met in Minneapolis in 2016 to extend the life of Eternal Voyager. Their similar style and focus on melody and dynamics have brought Eternal Voyager to another level. Both axemen grew up listening to bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden, and Black Sabbath which influenced them from a very young age. ... more

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